LMFAO Concert Review 5-23-12

LMFAO at The Palace of Auburn Hills

By: Sean Varicalli

The Palace of Auburn Hills was in total Party Rock mode Wednesday night. LMFAO and their Party Rock crew rolled through the packed venue with their “Sorry For Party Rocking Tour.” I remember when I had first met group members, Sky Blue and Red Foo two springs ago, and in our interview they discussed writing the new album that is now famously known as, “Sorry For Party Rocking.” They could not wait to get these songs out to people not only via the record, but live on a tour of the United States.

With The Palace being their second stop on the current tour, I went in knowing that the energy brought to this show could be some of the highest I have ever seen in live music. I happened to be right. After sitting through the lackluster opening acts, it was finally time for Red Foo and Sky Blue to take the stage and deliver the music we had discussed hardly two short years ago. Opening up their set with a quick video of “Shuffle Bot” the duo emerged from a very expensive looking stage set up with ‘Sorry For Party Rocking.’

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your musical tastes may consist of, because LMFAO delivered on an entertainment value unlike I have ever seen before. I found myself staring in awe at the theatrical production that was taking place before my eyes. Quite honestly, not hearing the DJ, Red Foo, Sky Blue or even the band. Just watching everything from ribbons being shot out of a cannon to a dancing zebra. The group made their way through the set pleasing the audience at every chance they could with banter that personally, I could have done without. Red Foo would squeeze in a cheesy segue every chance he could, but the crowd of neon shirt, zebra panted wearing fans didn’t mind. He even cracked a testicle joke right before starting ‘I Am Not A Whore.’

For the ticket price, this show at every thing you could have hoped for when seeking more than just music at a concert. Red Foo strapped on a head set and flew through the air with other Party Rock crew members right before landing in time for a good old fashioned guitar/keytar riff battle. At this point, I was totally blown away by not only what was happening, but at the talent that both of these young band members had. To be honest, I hadn’t given much though to the guitar and keys guy, especially in a pop band like this. They battled back in forth, using riffs like Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ and Black Sabbath’s ‘Iron Man.’ Before ending the segment with a cover of The White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army.’ Truly, for me, being a rock and roll enthusiast, the highlight of the show.

After playing an older LMFAO track, a “deep cut” if you will, the song ‘Yes’ was ended by the pair introducing Quest Crew, which was a team of dancers from the television show, America’s Best Dance Crew. After about 10 minutes of break dancing escapades, LMFAO returned with the fan favorite/club anthem, ‘Shots.’ While the band drank from beer bongs and Patron bottles, the Party Rock Crew set up a bar on stage and did the same, with Red Foo and Sky Blue passing out on to strecthers. To my surprise, the entire stage cleared at that point. Not expecting the encores to begin so early, they did, with the video intro of the song that I’m sure funded most of this tour, ‘Party Rock Anthem.’ Much shuffling was done before going on to their second encore, ‘Champagne Showers’ which, to me, was another small surprise. The duo, who called this show, “somewhat of a homecoming” (both group members fathers were born in Detroit, Red Foo’s being Motown founder, Berry Gordy) doused the first few rows with champagne and confetti.

With yet another costume change by the guys, they stripped down with the rest of their dancers for the final encore, ‘Sexy and I Know It.’ In LMFAO style both group members used tearaway pants to play the remaining moments of the song wearing nothing but a Speedo, Sky Blue’s included a giant elephant trunk which he threw in to the crowd a number of times. Much to the delight of the teenage girls who were sitting in the first few rows. With that, the show was over and again, from an entertainment stand point, I was pleased. LMFAO and the folks at Cherrytree Records did a great job of putting together a show that everyone their could enjoy without being a true fan of the music. This group went from co headlining with ‘Girl Talk’ opening for ‘Ke$ha’ and now selling out one of the largest arenas in the country. Trust me, with entertaining shows like this, no matter the music, they will be for a long time.