Rival Summers/Shapes and Colors CD Release Show- May 19th, Crofoot Ballroom


The co-headliners were Shapes and Colors and Rival Summers, both releasing albums and both being very relevant local artists.

Shapes and Colors went first of the two. The set started off strong, getting the audience quickly into the mix. The strongest part of the band, in my opinion, was the singer. He has a strong voice, sounding similar to another local native, Danny Stevens of The Audition.

Another high point, was the interaction with the audience. The band, all members including, had a very noticeable stage presence that radiated to the crowd. As most pop-alternative bands, the guitar riffs were catchy and upbeat. The backing vocals were better than most bands I have seen before, and the slow tribute to the singers sister was a emotional touch.

The final band of the night was Rival Summers. Rival Summers is mostly known for being acoustic, so I was very anxious to see how the crowd reacted to the full band. Other than the electric guitar being slightly louder than I would have liked, it was great.

The crowds response was greater than I had ever seen at any other local show and Leo Bautista, the frontman and man behind everything, was beaming with energy the entire set. The new songs were as Rival Summers fan like them. The album takes you through a story where it comes full circle at the end, leaving you feeling as if you know the entire life of the songwriter. Halfway through the set they slowed it down with a tear jerker (it gets me every time) where Bautista played piano and the rest of the band took a break. The last song, Baby its Been a While, is a Rival Summers fan favorite and upbeat jam that was the perfect way to end the show leaving the crowd chanting for one more song.

If you haven’t seen the band yet, I highly suggest you do and do fast.



Rival Summers at The Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac