Eddie Money at DTE Friday may 25th

By Christina Venditti

Like ripping the cover off a pool, Eddie Money yanked the figurative poly-coated vinyl sheet right off of DTE’s summer concert series. Opening the venue for the 9th time, the Money Man rocked Detroit music-lovers of all ages.

“It’s not summer until Eddie plays here,” a crowd member said. And he was right. A large part of the crowd seemed to be there, not so much in appreciation of Eddie Money, but in celebration of summer.

Which explains his set list. Opening with Baby Hold On, Eddie took the stage looking something like a Goosebumps character. A skeleton in a suit coat, the 63-year old went on to play six or seven deeper cuts before bringing back the surface hits.

But the demeanor of the crowd never died down. Not even with his most recent flop, One More Soldier Coming Home. The Shock Top-induced fans kept rocking like it was 1979 – Eddie’s first stop in Detroit.

Eddie Money at DTE Friday May 25th

Making wisecracks much better than his dance moves, the rock star joked about the Detroit crowd.

“We’ve been together since 1979 – that was three rehabs ago!”

After hip-thrusting through his final song, Shakin’, Mr. Money explained that he wanted to dedicate the show to a ‘special friend,’ Frances. She was a cancer patient who was a long-time Eddie Money fan and he made arrangements to bring her out to the show. Although she was in rough shape, Eddie brought her onstage to thank her for coming.

And he thanked EVERYBODY for coming. And then talked about Nickelback. And then thanked us some more. And left us with one final comment that tied all Detroiters over 20-years old together-

“The best place in the world to play is DTE Energy Center,” he proclaimed. Waiting a beat to follow it up, he yelled, “PINE KNOB!”