Adam Duritz

Adam Duritz at Meadowbrook

By: Christina Venditti

After a warm-up band ambient enough to put a Red Bull addict to sleep, the Counting Crows began their show by teasing the crowd with an iTunes sample-length play of Bill Withers “Lean on Me.” Abruptly stopping the bro-fest breaking out in the audience, Adam Duritz and each of his perfectly manicured dread locks took the stage with the rest of his leathery-skinned band mates.

Opening their set with an eight-minute version of “Round Here,” the Crows got their fans’ hopes up just to throw them right back down. Performing a slew of covers (yes, covers) off of their new COVER (did I say cover?) album, Underwater Sunshine, Duritz lost the crowd’s attention somewhere between the third and fifth no-name band remake.

Finally redeeming themselves, the Crows finally played back-to-back-to back Films About Ghosts songs, “A Long December,” “Friend of the Devil,” and “Rain King.”

Counting Crows at Meadowbrook

Offering advice like, “the future we dream of is never really the future we end up with,” Duritz may as well have put his psychic hat on, because he told my future. I, like much of the rest of the audience, dreamt of a future that included me seeing the Crows perform Mr. Jones. SPOILER ALERT: it didn’t happen.

Overall, Duritz sounded like the same dread-locked guy as he did nearly two decades ago with the release of August and Everything After. He was equally as impressive as he was unnecessarily politically-charged during the encore. Preaching about the Greybird Foundation and upcoming presidential election, Duritz essentially turned into a human youtube ad-style PSA; annoying. In the time he could have spent playing hits like Colorblind, or Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby or, shall I even suggest, MR. FLIPPING JONES, he stood onstage with his terrible opening bands and denied us of what we came for.