3 Doors Down at DTE

By: Josh Nagy

3 Doors Down

Going into this set, I was by no means a fan of 3 Doors Down. I found them overrated and overplayed amongst other rock bands. In fact, I nearly wrote them off when I noticed the theme of their set was, time. Their opening number, “Time of My Life,” captured the stage, audience, and my attention. They’re up beat sound, kicked off a concert that was in need of Rock ‘n Roll. Lead singer, Brad Arnold, blew me away with his vocals. Nearly every song they performed, I noted that his vocals stood out the most and he was clearly the most talented member of the band.

I honestly believed that 3 Doors Down’s audience would consist of muscular, tanned “bros” chanting the lyrics to their overplayed radio jams.  I was surprised to see their loyal fan base consist of young mothers and old men singing every single song. Even their slow hits which consisted of songs like, “Away From The Sun,” and “Here Without You,” kept the audience’s interest and left them standing on their feet.

Now their songs such as, “Let Me Go,” “It’s Not My Time,” and “Krypotine,” is where they really shined. It’s safe to say that 3 Doors Down’s talent as a live band tops their recorded songs. They’re guitar players could shred, drummer kept catchy rhythms, and once again, vocals clearly stood out from the rest of the band.

Finally, 3 Doors Down dedicated their entire set to the armed forces. With songs including, “Citizen/Solider” and their finale, “When I’m Gone,” fans stood patriotic band with the band. As they walked of the stage, Arnold presented the American flag to the audience and said, “God Bless Our Soldiers.” This left the crowd roaring.

ZZ Top

A ZZ Top Show isn’t a concert, it’s an experience. They gave the audience the impression that we were on the borderline of Texas and Mexico as they performed songs like, “Waitin’ for the Bus,” “Jesus Just Left Chicago,” and “Pincushion.” During all of their songs, their music told the story of a movie in the background.

Their stage presence was impressive for their age. The synchronized dance moves were impressive and in some cases, left the crowd laughing. With their groovy bass lines in songs like, “Gimmie All Your Lovin’,” and “Vincent Prince Blues,” their songs ranged from the blues to southern Rock ’n Roll.

The Guitar slinging Texan cowboys caught my attention performing the hits like “Stages,” “Sharped Dressed Man,” and “Legs.” These songs ultimately ended the movie/story of their show, and let us to an encore. Their encore included their hits, “La Grange,” and “Tush,” and the trio finished the night leaving the crowd wanting more. I’d highly recommend for any fan of classic rock to experience a ZZ Top Show.