By: Josh Nagy

Breathe Carolina

The Breathe Carolina duo, Kyle Even and David Schmitt, took the Kia Rio Stage at 6:40pm and turned the Palace parking lot into their Rave Party. Now prior to Warped Tour, I had seen Breathe Carolina once before. I remember them as a hardcore band just testing out electronic sounds in their music. Almost as if they were just trying to find their niche. Since then,they’ve became an electronic band with some hardcore riffs and a screamer.Interesting choice.

They kicked off their set with, “Hello Fascination,” “Last Night,” and “Hit and Run,” which highlighted their electronic sound. Typically, I hate music that was made by a computer rather than an instrument. Breathe Carolina somehow found a perfect median, of hardcore and electronic sound that I even enjoyed.  It became clear to me that the finally found their sound and planed to on stick with it.

They also played, “Wooly,” and closed with the Top 40 hit ssong, “Blackout,” which ended the Warped Tour rave, leaving fans wanting more next year.

Pierce The Veil

One of the last bands to play on the Van’s Warped Tour Detroit date, Pierce the Veil was the final band to take the Kia Rio Main Stage. Pierce the Veil started their set with their fast,up-beat, guitar shredding song, “Bestios.” Now most people at Warped Tour lose their energy throughout the day and normally have nothing left by 7:00 pm.Pierce the Veil took stage at 7:50pm, and squeezed out every piece of energy the audience had left.

Their songs, “The Boy Who CouldFly,” and “Bulletproof Love,” radiated energy to the audience, as all 4 members took complete control of the Palace parking lot. Their mosh pits were huge andcrowd surfer kept moving towards the stage. When the band performed their newsingle, “King for a Day,” they introduced, Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirensto perform guest vocals on the sound.

The finished their set with the song, “Yeah Boy and Doll Face,” and “Caraphernelia.” Lead singer, Vic Fuentesdedicated “Yeah Boy and Doll Face,” to a young girl who defeated cancer, and added an emotional touch to their performance. Finishing my day at Warped Tour hearing,“Caraphernelia,” was the perfect way to walk out on the day. I left excited and energized for next year.