The Take Action Tour 2013

2/10/13- The Fillmore, Detroit

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Photos by: Ashley Allison/WXOU

Review: Josh Nagy/WXOU

The Fillmore Theater in Detroit was filled to the rafters on Sunday, February 10th for The Take Action Tour. The tour featured The Used and Detroit natives, We Came as Romans.

We Came as Romans left everything they had on the stage for their home audience. Opening with some old favorites including, “Roads That Don’t End and Views That Never Cease“ and “Broken Statues. “ I`ve seen WCAR six times live and this was honestly the best they`ve ever preformed. You could tell that performing on that stage meant something to them that night. They sounded fantastic, and their energy radiated into the audience. Lead singer, Kyle Pavone sounded way better than his recordings, and screamer Dave Stephens was on top of his game. Not only did Stephens scream his ass off, but he also hit some impressive high notes singing.

They even gave the audience a taste of their new album by playing, “`Let These Words Last Forever“ and “Hope. “ These new songs show how WCAR has matured as a band. Both songs sent a positive message to the audience and Stephens gave motivation speech on living with hope. The audience responded positively to the songs, crowding surfing their way to the stage and opening numerous circle pits. WCAR ended their set with fan favorites, “Understanding What We`ve Grown to be“ and “To Plant a Seed. “

Before leaving the stage, screamer Dave Stephens promised his hometown, “Detroit, We`ll see you this summer at Warped Tour. “

When The Used took the stage the crowd went crazy. It took me back to my days in middle school! I even noticed their fan base seemed a lot older than I thought they`d be. It kind of looked like the audience grew up to the Used`s music. Lead singer, Bert McCracken kept a promise to his fans throughout his entire set. This set was dedicated to the hardcore Used fans. They opened with some old hits including, “Listening“ and “The Bird and The Worm.“

McCracken stage presence was fantastic. He singled out faces in the crowd and talk to them as if he knew each of them individually. He even let one woman on stage to wish her daughter a happy birthday. Hell, he even kissed that lady and let her dance on stage with him for an entire song.
“Blood on My Hands,“ and “Pretty Handsome Awkward“ set up the audience for their encore. The encore was started with a tribute to Nirvana`s “Smells Like Teen Spirit“ and blended to the Used`s hit, “A Box Full of Sharp Objects. “ I would highly recommend any fan of the Used to go see them live. In my opinion they are way better live than they are on album.

Not to mention Used fans, McCracken says they will be back this summer.