Learn how you can hangout with Don Tottingham as he calls the OU Baseball games

Here are some simple instructions straight from Google on how you can listen in and hangout with WXOU’s own Don Tottingham as he calls the OU Baseball games.

Step 1: Get a Google+ Account

Step 2: Add Don Tottingham

Step 3: Hangout!

  • You can check the right side of your Home page to see hangouts that you’ve been invited to. Simply click the Hang out button next to an invite to join.
  • Click the Hangouts icon on the left side of your page to find public hangouts you can join or broadcasted hangouts (Hangouts on Air) that you can watch.
  • Your friends may also send you the URL to a hangout in which case you can copy and paste the URL into your browser or simply click the URL link.
  • Since no one likes hanging out alone, it’s likely that when someone starts a hangout, they may select a group to notify. If you are in this group, you’ll get notified in the Google Bar at the top of the page. If you’ve been individually added to the hangout and you can chat with the person, you’ll get a chat notification. (To avoid unwanted notifications, we don’t send chat notifications to circles with more than 25 members).
  • You can also start a Hangout and send and receive Hangout invites from other Google properties including:

When you enter a hangout, you’ll see the current participants, broken down according to who is in your circles and who isn’t. This way you don’t have to hang out with anyone you don’t like, or don’t know.