NEWS: Dr. Betty J. Youngblood comments on news articles regarding Beckie Francis

By Lauren Barthold | @bylaurenb


Current Oakland University (OU) Interim President Dr. Betty J. Youngblood released a statement on Wednesday, July 24th commenting on news articles with allegations of former Women’s Basketball Coach Beckie Francis discriminating against religion, and promoting particular beliefs.

In an email sent to OU employees, Youngblood stated, “As soon as allegations of religious discrimination came to light, the university acted swiftly to investigate.  The university did not tolerate such conduct and will not tolerate such conduct moving forward.”

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Youngblood went on to say, “As a campus community, we will continue to celebrate cultural diversity, inclusion, tolerance and understanding, as well as encourage the expression of all views within the context of appropriate times, places and manner. We will honor every individual’s right to free expression and freedom from imposed expression without fear of reprisal, ridicule or harm.”

This statement comes just two days after the former coach tweeted about the allegations saying, “Even though it’s tempting to comment on allegations about me, out of respect for the privacy of the student-athletes and others, I will continue to focus my energies on future endeavors and on making a difference.  I wish Oakland University the best.”

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