Empire of the Sun Concert Review

Review and Photos by Lauren Barthold | @bylaurenb



Empire of the Sun (EOTS) traveled from Sydney, Australia to The Fillmore downtown on Friday, September 13th as part of their ‘Alive’ world tour.


Alpine, also from Australia, was the opening act.  Two soprano female singers named Phoebe Baker and Lou James front the indie/pop band.  I had never heard any of their music before the show, but they did what they were supposed to do as the opener and convinced me to download some of their songs.



By 9:30pm, the lights went out and four women dancers dressed like aliens (I think) took the stage to ‘Lux’.  Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore then appeared with instrumental ‘Old Flavours’, and went on to play for about an hour and a half with two acts of 14 songs.



The first act consisted of ‘DNA’, ‘Standing on the Shore’, ‘Half Mast’, ‘We Are the People’, ‘Concert Pitch’, and ‘Celebrate’.  The duo then went backstage to change, and Steele returned in an ensemble very similar to my prom dress.  (Think ‘Rainbow Fish’).  Between ‘I’ll Be Around’ and ‘Ice On the Dune’, blue confetti fell across the audience.  They finished with ‘Swordfish Hotkiss Night’, ‘Walking On a Dream’, ‘Alive’, and finally, ‘Tiger By My Side’.


The sound of EOTS paired with the intimate setting of The Fillmore was a perfect pair.  I can honestly say that it was one of the best concerts that I have ever been to, and highly recommend you catch them if you can!