You Me At Six – Show Reivew

YOU ME AT SIX show review

BY: ASHLEY ALLISON, Music Director


British rockers, YOU ME AT SIX, jumped over the pond to embark on their first US headlining tour this fall. The tour stopped at The Shelter in Detroit on October 14th.

They opened the show with “Mr. Reckless”, their most popular song in the US from their most recent album, Sinners Never Sleep. Immediately the sold out crowd was into it, leaving their feet and dancing with one hand up in the air.

The band was obviously more matured and more confident in their stage presence than ever. Singer and front man Josh Franceschi showcased his awkward but amusing dance moves as the set progressed into songs from their second album, Hold me Down.

The guys seemed to be genuinely having a great time and that radiated into the audience. Franceschi even made comments about the length of the set, excited to, “play more than half an hour.” They even broke out into Eminem’s track, “Lose Yourself” since the venue was used in his film 8 Mile. yma6

A little over halfway through you could tell the heat was getting to both the crowd and the band. The venue felt as if it was 100 degrees and if you add the extra heat from the amount of screaming and jumping fans, even hotter. They took the opportunity to slow things down with a few ballads. Franceschi ‘s voice shined in these slow songs.

Before a dramatic ending, the band played a song of their forthcoming album, “Lived a Lie”. The song takes you back to the Take off Your Colours days but with a mature edge. The song seems much more upbeat than the past few singles and sets a great tone for what to expect from the album. They even brought back the classic You Me at Six chants, this time with “We are Believers.”

And then as if it couldn’t get any crazier or hotter, it did. They concluded the set with the track, Underdog. But, not before Franceschi made his way to the bar, in the middle of the venue, and jumped off asking the crowd to bring him all the way back to the stage.

The UK band certainly made splash in motor city, if you didn’t come to the show as a You Me at Six fan, you left one. The band left fans even more excited, telling them that they will return in the spring.


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