Arctic Monkeys Concert Review


Review by Lelia Cotton | @rhymeswtequila

Photos by Lauren Barthold | @bylaurenb


Known for their heavy riffs and effervescent live performances, it was no shock to anyone that the Arctic Monkeys sold out the Detroit venue, The Fillmore, early after ticket sales began. From their start in 2005 to their latest album, AM, their sound has grown tremendously. It began with Alex Turners quick-lipped, young scrappy alternative, and has evolved to a heavier indie rock. Though their sound has matured and thickened, it’s still just as easy to move your body to.


The UK band set the mood early on with the hit “Do I Wanna Know” off their most current record. The overwhelming sound of guitar and drums made the hazy, strobe-filled light show even more affecting. Rocking between different tunes like “Brainstorm,” “Fluorescent Adolescent,” and “I Wanna Be Yours,” they engaged their true essence of fusing together testy interludes.


Lead singer, Alex Turner, truly delivered to the packed house. His Elvis-like hip thrusts and jacket removal during “Arabella,” combined with the capability of wooing girls to tears during Favourite Worst Nightmare’s jam “505,” he charmed the pants off this crowd… Literally. Someone actually took their pants off, and passed them around the crowd. Behind the voice was drummer Matt Helders, guitarist Jamie Cook, and bassist Nick O’Malley. Together, they had the house vibing with their strong melodies. The band dominates their motifs with a healthy balance of consonance and muscle.



Before eventually returning for an encore, the crowd chanted the bands’ name feverishly. Once back on stage, they finished up their set with “Cornerstone,” “One for the Road,” and the jam everyone was anticipating, “R U Mine.” After several gyrations from Turner’s hips and the contagious energy from the band, it’s safe to say the Arctic Monkeys gave Detroit a night we won’t soon forget.