Steve-O Stand-Up Review

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Steve-O was recently on the air with us for an interview that played during The Edge Show on Memorial Day. Incase you missed the interview check it out here. He joined us on the air because he recently went on a comedy tour of his own that passed through Michigan titledStand-Up From a Jackass as the marque stated.

The night started out hot since we waited outside for about an hour longer than we thought it would take. There was confusion with the show times, as the two shows (7pm &10pm) were combined to make it one show that started after 9. Based on the seats we got for waiting in line that early, it was well worth the wait.

The opener to Steve-O started off slightly rocky, but his Jimmy Johns jokes really got me laughing, and he showed a lot of personality in his set. I think a major aspect of a good comedy set is the ability to show the audience aspects of yourself through your music. It helps people relate to your comedy, thus making it more comfortable to laugh at. His set was around 30 minutes and overall I think he did a good job pumping up the crowd and getting them ready for a packed house of Steve-O fans.

Steve-O straight killed it, which was surprising for how long his set was. Steve-O went all the way until roughly 11, probably a little after 11 to be honest. Steve-O’s jokes were on-point all night. He had a large variety of jokes, while also keeping his jokes to a certain theme. He tried talking about the ‘new Steve-O’, as he liked calling it, but later reverted talking about the ‘old Steve-O’. I honestly liked each part of the set for different reasons. The first portion made me respect Steve-O and the control he has in his life now; while the second half of the set tells some pretty crazy stories involving a few Jackass Easter eggs.

Steve-O was throwing out jokes left and right for roughly an hour and a half. I am saying these times as approximations, since Steve-O seemed pretty strict about the no phone policy during his set; due to this, we also have no photos other than the marque photo and the selfie with Steve-O. Another aspect of seeing Steve-O live was the fact that he stayed to take a picture with every single fan that came to the show. Albeit, the line was long, he still did it. Along with the picture, he signed any merchandise bought there, including his #1 New York Times Best SellerProfessional Idiot which has phenomenal reviews on Amazon (incase you were wondering).

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If this AMAZING experience sounds like something you’d love to watch, go right to his websiteand check out the tour dates, might be coming to a town near you soon!