Vampire Weekend Concert Review

By Emily McGee | @mcgeeemily


Indie rock band, Vampire Weekend hit the stage at the Meadow Brook Music Festival on Friday, June 6 for a campus concert. Opening for them was Cults, who started off the night with a set of indie pop tunes, including their most notable song, “Go Outside.”

I received my tickets after hearing about the arrival of the band on Oakland University’s campus with excitement. I have played numerous songs from Vampire Weekend during my radio slot on Thursday evenings, and jumped and the opportunity to hear them perform live. At 8:00, I pulled up to Meadow Brook with my partner in crime Maxwell, who was accompanying me on an indie-themed adventure.

As the sun went down, every inch of space seemed to be occupied with teens and young adults, anxious for the show to begin. Once Vampire Weekend entered the scene, cheers echoed through the venue, reverberating off the wooden structure.

The set consisted of many well known songs produced by the band, starting with “Diane Young” and including the ever popular “Horchata” and “Oxford Comma.” Several technical issues with microphones made for a couple stilted transitions, but overall the show had a chill vibe, with swaying and smoke swirling through the flickering air.

On a non-musical related note, indie music tends to draw out a specific crowd, and with that comes a specific wardrobe. Friday’s attire consisted mainly of high-waist shorts, crop tops, or quirky pineapple covered dresses. It was a hipster night for many, and people watching was prime time.

Additionally, the set was really cool, with the main decoration being a giant mirror on the middle of a 70s looking wallpaper. No explosions or pyrotechnics needed here, with light flashes being the main source of visual cues. It seemed that the band was simply letting their music speak for itself, which I thought was a nice plus.

In all: great bands, great crowd, and great memories are my final conclusions for the Vampire Weekend show. Its relaxed atmosphere on the lawn proved to be an extremely enjoyable evening, and a night I was absolutely happy that I could participate in.