Logic Concert Review

Photo by Nick Mahar (Not from Detroit Show)
Photo by Nick Mahar (Not from Detroit Show)


Logic is an intellectual hip-hop artist and he’s rising in the ranks. He has put out a few mixtapes & is on his way to release his debut album under his newly signed contract with Def Jam Recordings. Def Jam has signed countless artists that have ‘made it big’; Method Man, LL Cool J, DMX, Funkmaster Flex, Ludacris, Kanye West, etc..The list just goes on! Logic was signed to DJR through No I.D., the iconic producer of songs like Kanye West’s Heartless and Jay Z’s Run This Town. One thing that made this specific contract signing significant was the fact that although Logic is a part of Def Jam Recordings, he made sure that the label that managed him on the come up, Visionary Music Group, was to stay as the group to manage him after he was signed. This way Logic gets the financial security of a major record label backing him, while he has the creative control of an indie label; the best of both worlds.

IMG_2037Logic bringing a fan onstage to rap with him @DionTheDon

You’re probably asking yourself why did I just tell you all that? Well, Logic was just in our humble city of Detroit and I got the chance to see him perform his upcoming EP. He has been releasing select songs from his While You Wait EP which is supposed to hold over fans until he drops his debut album later this year, talks of which suggest it’s release sometime in September. Along with the EP he played a myriad of classics, some of which I’d never heard live before. He kept it live the whole time, once even bringing an eager fan onstage to help him spit a few verses. Although it was a Detroit hip-hop show, Logic kept it extremely peaceful; he repeated his creed of peace, love, and positivity throughout his performance.

Logic wasn’t the only performer that night, he brought along his tour DJ Rhetorik as well as his fellow Visionary Music Group artist QuESt. Logic is a Maryland MC and for quite sometime his features were limited to where he lived, as most independent artists are. One thing that sets Visionary Music Group apart is the fact that while Logic is from the DMV, QuESt is from Miami Florida, and DJ Rhetorik is from Virginia; talk about a versatile team!

DJ Rhetorik pumped up the crowd by playing tons of hits, some which I could spot from his Spring Minimix. I think the fact that DJ Rhetorik was the DJ for QuESt and Logic really helped smooth over all of the transitions from artist to artist that night, the switching of DJs for each artist always seems to take the most time at concerts, but with a uniform DJ for everyone, each artist can just hop on immediately after the last performer.

QuESt did something that I’d never seen before, at least not to the extent he did it. When QuESt came on stage, he immediately started spitting fire verses. He probably went 2 or 3 songs in (I wasn’t exactly taking notes on a college-ruled notebook) before he stopped and talked to the audience. His motivation behind this was what intrigued me; he said that since not every fan knows what QuESt sounds like, he wanted to prove himself in front of us before he started talking about his music. In my opinion, that is a very smart way to go about your live show. If someone doesn’t know how good you are and they immediately hear you talking about your upcoming music and all that, they might tune you out since they don’t value your music YET. With QuESt’s approach, he lets people know what they came to hear and shows them that he deserves their attention. It definitely got my attention, as well as those around me. Last time I saw QuESt, it was at the basement of St. Andrew’s Hall in the iconic venue The Shelter and he wasn’t signed to Visionary Music Group yet. Seeing him come back to the same building with the same team felt good as a long-term fan.

If you missed Logic this time around, he will be back (I hope) to tour after he drops his highly anticipated debut album!

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