Panic! At the Disco WSG Walk The Moon & Magic Man

Panic! At the Disco With Special Guest Walk The Moon and Magic Man at Meadowbrook

By Jon Kassab |


Well, this concert was one that I’ve been waiting for since I was a middle schooler. Full disclosure, my first CD that I bought with my own money was A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. It took hours of convincing for my mom to let me buy that album, but it was the first album I could say was truly mine; in this digital age, its one of the few albums I still have on hard copy. That being said, saying I was excited to cover this concert is an understatement.

The rain during the first portion of the concert did put a slight damper on the overall feel of the show, but at least I now have an umbrella in my car. I sadly missed Magic Man’s performance due to the heavy rain and terrible Meadowbrook traffic. Walk The Moon warmed up the crowd with their signature single Anna Sun. I particularly liked the transition song they used between Walk the Moon and Panic! at The Disco, it was the same song used in the intro to the hit TV show Portlandia. A few memorable songs from Panic! at The Disco’s set were The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suiciude is Press Coverage, Miss Jackson, and 9 in the Afternoon. One very cool part of the show was the screen behind the band during their performance. The screen they were in front of was displaying ever-changing effects that worked with the rhythm of each song and added to the atmosphere of the show. Their stage show was very well done and choreographed; smoke machines, multiple graphic screens, and fluorescent lights all were present on stage. The coolest moment of the show was the backflip on stage during the song Ms. Jackson. No one saw that coming. Everyone had their phones lit up during the show, creating a field of white light to show the fan base that was there. they didn’t just stick to P!ATD songs, they did a few iconic covers during their show; among these covers was the iconic song Bohemian Rhapsody. I’d like to thank to movie Wayne’s World for helping me learn the words to that song.

To conclude, this concert was everything I expected from a Panic! At The Disco show and then some! I definitely recommend seeing them any chance you get.