NEWS: Oakland University Board of Trustees approves highest tuition increase in state

funding board meeting


Audio and photos by News Director, Erin Ben-Moche | @ebenmoche

funding board meeting

Above: President Hynd speaks about 8.48% increase in Undergrad Tuition this upcoming fall.

The Oakland University Board of Trustees approved an 8.48% increase in undergrad tuition Tuesday afternoon, following President Hynd’s proposal to meet the average of most universities in Michigan.

2015-2016 Oakland University tuition increases broken down.

2015-2016 Oakland University tuition increases broken down.

The meeting – held at 1:30pm in Elliott Hall on OU’s main campus – confirmed that OU students can expect to pay about $30 more per credit hour – exactly $971 per year – making yearly tuition close to $12,500.

The 8.48% breaks the tuition increase cap of 3.2%. Due to this, OU will be giving up $1.2 million of state aid, in exchange for a projected $12 million in revenue.

Four schools within the university – School of Business Administration, School of Engineering and Computer Science, School of Health Sciences, and School of Nursing – will see even higher increases, ranging from 10.7% to 13.9%.

Historically, OU has under-invested and under-funded its resources considering its two decade growth. Both Hynd and the board agreed it’s time for a change.

Hynd says that this is a propitious time at OU and plans to use the tuition raise to increase number of faculty, financial aid, and resident population on campus. He wants to increase grant support, development of undergrad and graduate programs at OU, and make the university recognized as a great institution nationwide. He also plans to help seniors by lowering their tuition costs in an effort to help them pay off their college debt faster.

All eight chair members agreed on this proposal. Chairman Mark Schlussel states “Unfortunately, we didn’t have a choice. If you want to maintain the quality of our resources we need to make the best balance between tuition and quality.” The state reimbursement OU receives is lower than any other University, and they want to use the money they are receiving from the state on other matters, thus increasing tuition to balance it out.

Hynd states they are raising the tuition cost for market rates and nothing else.

Chairman Richard Flynn was the first to comment after Hynd saying, “OU is busting at the seems and need to move forward in quality improvement.” Flynn agrees that OU is increasing their number of attendance and feels that the only way to accommodate to the students needs is to raise tuition costs so they can have the best resources and education.

New Student Body Vice President, Madison Kubinski says students who are applying to OU in the future will be taken aback by the 8.48% tuition increase. Kubinski says, “Students will be hesitant at first, but Oakland is still the most affordable, educational university benefiting four counties. The percentage is big, but is well put together.”

Students will see how it affects their school experience this coming fall.

Listen to President Hynd’s Proposal Here:

President Hynd Discusses Financial changes at Oakland University by Wxou on Mixcloud