International Night 2015

By Lauren Barthold | @bylaurenb


WXOU is a proud sponsor of International Night 2015 – International Marketplace.

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Enjoy food, entertainment, music, dancing, student organization display tables, arts and crafts, as well as prizes from around the world!

The free event is on Friday from 5 to 8pm in the Oakland University Oakland Center Banquet Rooms.

INTERVIEW: Jerry of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

By Lauren Barthold | @bylaurenb


Jerry Greenfield will bring a special treat to Meadow Brook Theatre tonight at 7pm.


Not only will the co-founder bring “an evening of entrepreneurial spirit, social responsibility and radical business philosophy,” but also ice cream for the entire audience.

Greenfield explains how it all got started:

So what’s his favorite flavor?


Did you know that when flavors are retired, they laid to rest in the “Flavor Graveyard” at the factory? You can find dead tastes like “Schweddy Balls,” “Holy Cannoli,” and “White Russian” there. Greenfield explains the Vermont-based company’s flavor process:

He says the event will offer plenty of advice for college students:

Free unlimited tickets are available at the Center for Student Activities ticket window until 5pm.

Oba Rowland “Found One” album review


Oba Rowland

Found One

By: @DJ_Kobe


Last week I had the privilege to attend the listening session for Detroit native Oba Rowland’s

Oba Rowland's new album "Found One."

Oba Rowland’s new album “Found One.”

newest album, “Found One.”

“Would You” is a nice introduction to the project. Oba’s calm tone over the True Music laced track gives you the feeling of having an honest conversation with a person leaving their old life behind for a more fulfilling one.

“Nobody” follows the same basic vibe. It’s one of those smooth songs you can just drive around to. While the hook is reminiscent of a Dej Loaf anthem, Oba delivers it with his signature style.

“YNCU” is a hidden track attached to the end of “around”. The RJ Lamont-produced track had DETROIT written all over it and is easily one of those club bangers you find yourself singing without even noticing.

“Around” is a song that makes me wonder if Oba Rowland is a rap superstar or an R&B sex symbol. While delivering impressive vocals on the hook, Oba doesn’t slack off on the verses with quotable lyrics like, “N***** waking up with envy like Charlemagne cuz we the ones in the city with all the bank.” He lets you know there’s an MC still in there somewhere.

DJ Kobe with Oba Rowland at the "Found One" listening session.

DJ Kobe with Oba Rowland at the “Found One” listening session.




“Found  One” ft. Dej Loaf has a beat that’s crazy. It’s soft enough to sing but hard enough to bump. Strip club official.

“Was you Down” ft Say It Ain’t Tone is my favorite song from the project. This is one of those songs that reassures the audience that it’s not all lifestyle and YNCU. The song is relatable to anyone who’s ever worked hard to make it to the next level in life and had to question who was really down through the struggle. “How you been? I Ben Franklin.”

“Mean” is delivered with that signature Oba melody dancing between hi-hat trills. This is the song you put on while you make that late night drive over to a special someone’s house. It’s smooth and bass heavy.

“This Far” serves as the closer for the project Oba plays with several different flows on this one, showing once again he’s no one trick pony. Oba explores all the variables of this “lifestyle”, going from being a regular joe to having money/girls/cars while still staying the same person.

To me, “Found One” is a well rounded project from an artist coming into their own. From top to bottom the album has an Oba NextDoor feeling in a good way. Definitely looking forward to Oba Rowland emerging as Detroit’s next superstar.