President Hynd introduces new Chief Operating Officer



Story by: News Director Erin Ben-Moche

President Hynd and now Chief Operating Officer Scott Kunselman stopped by WXOU Wednesday to discuss the position and why it is necessary on campus.

Kunselman introduced himself and talked about his 30 years of experience working with Chrysler. He also discussed his experience as a Board of Trustees member.

He says he fell in love with OU once he saw all it had to offer. Kunselman also admitted he feels closer to the school because his wife is a graduate.

In the interview, Hynd admits the timing of his meeting could have been different, but he still stands by the decision to have Kunselman take on the position of COO.

Faculty and staff had the chance to hear the President and new COO speak together at an update meeting Wednesday afternoon.

Hynd discussed OU’s new mission statement, recent accomplishments in the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine, as well as his top five favorite places for students to hang out.

The two said they believe students are the main priority and want what is best for them in order to become successful graduates.

Hynd also explains his new strategic plan for budgets, the historic five year Oakland University Academic Freedom for a Free Society agreement, and compensation study.

He wants to assure faculty and staff that they are an important asset to the university’s success. He also wants to let students know the new residence hall is the first project they plan to put into action.

Listen to the exclusive interview in its entirety here:

New political student organization focuses on Bernie Sanders


Story by: News Director Erin Ben-Moche

Students for Bernie Sanders OU is a new political organization that focuses on Bernie Sanders and student involvement in politics.

Kyle Cooper and Ted Tansley represented the new found group on campus, and talked to WXOU about their group, the democratic politician and the upcoming events they were hosting.

Cooper and Tansley stressed the importance of student involvement because the students have the power to change laws just by voting.

The goal of the Bernie Sanders group is to inform students and to persuade them to vote on election day .

Listen to the full interview here:

WXOU has invited all campus political student organizations on to WXOU for an interview.