WXOU talks with “Orange is the New Black” star Laverne Cox

Story by: Assistant Program Director, Haylie Presnell and News Director Erin Ben-Moche


Actress and activist, Laverne Cox, came to give a lecture at Oakland University last night.

A large crowd filed into the O’Rena, to see one of the breakout stars of Orange is the New Black speak about the experiences she had on her journey as a transgender woman. She strut with confidence to the moderate audience that sat in wait for her before speaking about the intersections in her life – how not only did she face challenges as a woman, but as an African-American transgender woman.

To emphasize transgender struggles, Cox explained the shocking statistics about the violence that happens within the transgender community every year. She would return to this subject multiple times in her speech demonstrating her passion for it.

Cox went into detail about her early life pre-transition, including the bullying she faced when she went to school in Mobile, Alabama. She exuded a sense of strength as she described her being taunted, along with her account of her suicide attempt after the death of her grandmother. The speech took a lighter turn as Cox reminisced on leaving Alabama for New York to attend Marymount Manhattan College and all the inspiring transgender people she befriended there. It was after she met her friend and mentor Tina Sparkles, that she felt that her gender expression was “special”, not something negative and began her hormone treatments on her journey to becoming a woman.

Watch the whole interview here: https://vimeo.com/141925396

President Hynd visits WXOU

Story by: News Director Erin Ben-Moche


Oakland University President George Hynd visited WXOU to inform the students about everything that has happened since the start of the school year.

Hynd talks about the new advancements in the business program and engineering program. The President also was excited to talk about the new collaboration between OU and Wayne State in order to form a new law program. Hynd also talks about how he plans to move into Sunset Terrace in November after the home is renovated.

Listen to the whole interview here:

President Hynd comes into the station to catch up by Wxou on Mixcloud


Early Ears: Stream Oberhofer’s new album, “Chronovision.”



WXOU is happy to present a pre-release stream of Oberhofer’s new album, “Chronovision.” Enjoy!

“Chronovision features Oberhofer’s signature amped psych-pop with orchestral flourish, New Wave flare, and grungy fuzz, but multiplied with his intensity that only time and life’s gut checks can enhance. The road to Chronovision was winding, owing to Oberhofer’s resolve to produce the LP himself and initially taking him from the Catskills to Seattle and back.  A final spurt brought him to a studio in his hometown of Tacoma, two NYC facilities (Strange Weather, Electric Lady), and the former Sound City in Los Angeles. Lastly: Atlanta to mix with Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Washed Out). Exactly 106 demos later, Oberhofer emerged with these 12 songs.”