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By Neil Hazel | Follow @IamNeilHazel 11.16.14 The idea of space travel is equal parts terrifying and exciting. Being all-alone in the drifts of space, discovering places that very few have even dreamed of exploring. Christopher Nolan, director of films such as Inception and The Dark Knight trilogy, gives us a glimpse […]

Interstellar Movie Review

By Neil Hazel 11.16.14 Big Hero 6 Review When Marvel released Guardians of The Galaxy earlier this year they showed their willingness to put some of their more obscure characters on display. With Big Hero 6 they have reached further into that obscurity, and pulled out another successful film. Disney acquired […]

Big Hero 6 Movie Review

By Steven Mullaney 10.6.14 “Can we run this?” “Legally?” “No, morally. Yes, legally.” Nightcrawler is a thriller that comes to us as a complete inverse of last week’s box office offering, with never ending parade of things to talk about. Nightcrawler’s particular focus is in the field of crime journalism: […]

Nightcrawler Movie Review

By Neil Hazel | Follow @IamNeilHazel 10.17.14 While most of the years biggest blockbusters come out in the summertime, fall and winter are considered Oscar season, the time when movie studios release their films most likely to receive Oscar nominations. Gone Girl is one of the first movies of the year to […]

Gone Girl Review

Iggy Azalea and Magic Concert 395
Iggy Azalea and Magic! at Meadowbrook Music Festival   Written by: Music Director Anthony Spak (@Spakdaddy) Photos by: Music Director Anthony Spak Program Director Lauren Barthold (@bylaurenb) SVP President Lelia Cotten (@RhymesWTequila) 9/14/2014 Rochester, MI – Iggy Azalea and Magic! warmed up Meadowbrook Music Festival on a chilly Friday night […]

Iggy Azalea and Magic! Concert Review