NEWS: OU board discusses uses for Sunset Terrace

By Erin Ben-Moche | @ebenmoche



Oakland University’s Board of Trustee’s had their monthly meeting today as they met at Sunset Terrace. The meeting regarded future uses for the Sunset Terrace since President Hynd will not be using it as his house for the upcoming school year. Geoff Upward and Eric Barrit gave presentations explaining how the Sunset Terrace should be used.

Platforms for creating a Dodge museum, alumni center, and president house residence were all mentioned with historic backgrounds as well. TMP architects also gave their input on the structure of the old house that needs work to meet up to code.

Geoff Upward started the meeting with a brief history of the terrace and how it came to be. Upward talked about Dodge brothers John and Horace and how they bought Meadowbrook estates for vacation and business. When John died, Matilda bought and expanded land so she could build a residence home which came to be Sunset Terrace, 1,287 square feet of land.

Sunset Terrace is recognized as a historical landmark as well as recognition from National Park Services. Upward says that the owners of Sunset are free to do anything they want with the building as long as they are up to code, are keeping the original features and don’t distort historical and authentic fabrics.

Upward later pitched the idea for creating a Dodge Museum which includes a Dodge Institute, Dodge Library, time capsule, and garage. Upward says that it will produce revenue as well as brand the university. He says it will also help share the stories of the Dodge brothers and educate an assortment of people. It will also benefit students on campus as it opens up job and intern opportunities.

Eric Barrit also gave his pitch for using the Sunset Terrace as an alumni house. He says that the alumni number has peaked in OU history with a record breaking 100,000 OU alumnus. He wants a place for them to work and settle when visiting Oakland’s campus. He wants to include a Hall of Fame for all the alumnus, as well as host parties, dinners, conferences, and more.

Barrit says that Oakland is known for being the lowest state with space so having a building for alumnus could be an opportunity to move forward and get ahead. Barrit states, “You’re only a student for a little while, but you remain an alum forever.”

The Board is unsure about how the Sunset Terrace will be used, but they know for a fact that this house is rich in history and value and will remain as an Oakland landmark for awhile.



NEWS: Oakland welcomes “hidden gem”

By Erin Ben-Moche | @ebenmoche



Photo by Jason Willis, Oakland University Communication and Marketing

Today was a historical day for Oakland University as they welcomed in Dr. George W. Hynd as their sixth President. The special inauguration took place on campus at the O’Rena at 3:00pm. Faculty, students, and board members proudly attended the ceremony.

Guest speakers included Oakland County Executive and Trustee Emeritus, L. Brooks Patterson, Board of directors alumni chair, Anthony Thornton, and student body president Annie Meinberg.  Thornton and Meinberg both shared their grizzly pride saying they were, “proud to be a pioneer grizzly and associated with golden grizzlies.”

After the speakers gave their introductions, Hynd changed robes in the presidential regalia and starts his address with a humble welcome.

“I’ve never had to get dressed in front of 1,000 people before…I’m grateful all of you have welcomed me so warmly and frankly, with so much enthusiasm.” Later in his address Hynd discussed the future of Oakland University.

He stresses the importance of faculty and student relations and promotes a “new era” for OU students in upcoming years. President Hynd says that Oakland is a hidden gem and looks forward to building OU’s prestige. After two long standing ovations, the ceremony came to an end and the celebration continued in the Oakland Center for a southern style reception.


International Night 2015

By Lauren Barthold | @bylaurenb


WXOU is a proud sponsor of International Night 2015 – International Marketplace.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 11.50.03 AM

Enjoy food, entertainment, music, dancing, student organization display tables, arts and crafts, as well as prizes from around the world!

The free event is on Friday from 5 to 8pm in the Oakland University Oakland Center Banquet Rooms.

INTERVIEW: Jerry of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

By Lauren Barthold | @bylaurenb


Jerry Greenfield will bring a special treat to Meadow Brook Theatre tonight at 7pm.


Not only will the co-founder bring “an evening of entrepreneurial spirit, social responsibility and radical business philosophy,” but also ice cream for the entire audience.

Greenfield explains how it all got started:

So what’s his favorite flavor?


Did you know that when flavors are retired, they laid to rest in the “Flavor Graveyard” at the factory? You can find dead tastes like “Schweddy Balls,” “Holy Cannoli,” and “White Russian” there. Greenfield explains the Vermont-based company’s flavor process:

He says the event will offer plenty of advice for college students:

Free unlimited tickets are available at the Center for Student Activities ticket window until 5pm.

NEWS: Oakland University students affected by Norovirus

By Lauren Barthold | @bylaurenb



Oakland University’s Graham Health Center (GHC) expects Norovirus cases to grow in the upcoming days.

The university says 13 students have reported symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramping since Wednesday. GHC Director and Nurse Practitioner Nancy Jansen explains what they’re doing for students:

The Oakland County Department of Health and Human Services describes Norovirus as, “an illness caused by a group of viruses that cause gastroenteritis.” They say the illness is “highly-contagious” and “most commonly spread from person to person by hand-to-hand contact and surfaces contaminated with feces and vomit.”

Jansen also says they have not linked this uptick to food contamination:

A campus-wide email states, “Oakland University has implemented increased infection prevention controls including providing additional cleaning and disinfection to high touch surfaces around campus.”

Sick students are encouraged to self-report at

INTERVIEW: LGBT advocate Ash Beckham to speak at Oakland University

By Lauren Barthold | @bylaurenb


Ash Beckham brings her “Give Voice to Your Truth” talk to the Oakland University Oakland Center tonight.


The speaker has shared her words through the TEDx talk “Coming Out of Your Closet,” as well as her Boulder Ignite Speech “I am SO GAY.” Now, she’s sharing those words with Oakland University students. Beckham says her message is simple:

She shares the struggle growing up that made her who she is today:

Beckham explains what she would tell her 20-year-old self:

Catch the talk at 7pm in the Oakland Center Banquet Rooms.

Jerry of Ben & Jerry’s to visit Oakland University

By Lauren Barthold | @bylaurenb


Ben & Jerry’s Homeade, Inc. Co-founder Jerry Greenfield will bring “an evening of entrepreneurial spirit, social responsibility and radical business philosophy” to Meadow Brook Theatre on Tuesday, March 24th.


Greenfield’s presentation will deliver a rousing tribute to America’s entrepreneurial spirit, full of anecdotes and radical business philosophy. It will also address the great sense of fun that is the company’s hallmark, illustrated with the serving of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for the entire audience.

Free tickets are available starting Monday, March 2nd at the Center for Student Activities ticket window.

Communication and Journalism Career Panel

Join Iota Eta, Oakland University’s chapter of the National Communication Association Honor Society, for a Communication and Journalism Alumni Career Panel.


Hear from Oakland University communication and journalism graduates, including our very own Faculty Adviser Marty Shafer, who are working in various careers about their path to success.

WHEN: Friday, February 13th 12-1pm

WHERE: Lake Superior B

The event is free and open to all students. Contact Professor Erin Meyers at with any questions.

WXOU NEWS: New Oakland University snow emergency policy

By Lauren Barthold | @bylaurenb


With the changing weather comes policy change on campus.

Effective immediately, Oakland University snow emergencies will be announced when three inches of snow falls or is forecast.

When an emergency is declared, parked vehicles must be moved to designated areas. These areas include the Ann V. Nicholson and Matthews Court student apartment lots or the covered parts of the P-29 and P-32 parking garages.


Cars that aren’t moved before 10pm will be impounded and left to the owner’s responsibility. When in effect, emergencies will run from 10pm to 6am.

The Oakland University Police Department says anyone who plans to leave their car on campus for an extended period of time should leave them in the designated areas in the event of a snow storm.

In an exclusive interview with WXOU, OUPD Chief of Police Mark Gordon said “It’s going to be a strict policy, but one we feel best protects the safety of our students driving and parking on campus as well as from injuries from falling.”

To sign up for the emergency alert system, visit the OUPD website.