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Up and coming artist heaven.


All work and no play doesn’t get a band any groupies, fans or stalkers.  With exception to stalkers, you probably want people who listen to your music.  Sure you have your friends and family.  The kid down the street who hangs out around your house when you practice down in the basement.  But what if you could get the word out?


WXOU is here to help!  Where else can you get airplay in Metro Detroit?  Yeah, not many choices for an independent artist such as yourself.  That is where college radio steps in.  We want to play the new guy and the new style.  We want to explore your talents with you and show you off to the world.


So send us a CD and we’ll see what we can do.  If we like it, then you’ll get some airplay.  If we really like it, then you’ll get airplay and we’ll review your CD.  And if you have what it takes, then you just might make it onto our summer music sampler.  A free promotional CD where WXOU and bands such as yourself get exposed our listeners.


What do you have to lose?  Nothing.  So quit reading and get mailing!


Here’s what to send


CD or Record

Oh yeah.  We still listen to records…trust me.  Use protection, a jewel case, bubble wrap, paper, something to keep it from breaking in transit.



General information that we’ll want to know.  Why should we listen to you.  Brief biography if you are so inclined.

Pleae include at least:

  1. Band/Artist name.
  2. Song list
  3. What songs contain any swear works, vulgarity, offensive etc that isn’t radio legal.  If you are unsure, then put it down anywya, because it probably is then.
  4. Your top songs that will see you and your band.
  5. Who do you sound like (if applicalbe)?
  6. What genre do you lable yourself?


Other items

Promotional items, photos, concert tickets etc.  Nothing dangerous, illegal, or of poor taste.  Just items that will sell you better or help us promote you to our listeners.


Who and where to sent it

Our Music Director: Anthony Spak


WXOU Radio
Music Director
69 Oakland Center

Rochester, MI  48309




Office: (248) 370-4273
Fax: (xxx) xxx-xxxx




WXOU Concert/Event Calendar Submissions:
WXOU reserves the right to refuse any event for any reason. All submissions must be emailed, include Subject: WXOU Promotions “Subject”

Information to include :
1. Title
2. Location
3. Purpose/Summary
4. Date
5. Time of show
6. Age / Dress Restrictions

Please include the following items (they will not be announced on air due to legalities):
1. Value of tickets
2. Contact name, phone number, email, and website (if available) of promoter
3. Address and phone number of venue

Give-a-ways / Free tickets / Promotional Items
Email the Promotions Director, Include Subject: WXOU Promotions “Subject”

Community/Non-Profit Organizations
Email the Public Service Director

WXOU Main Office Number: (248) 370-4273


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