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Twenty One Pilots Concert Review

Review and photos by: Lelia Cotton | @rhymeswtequila


Twenty One Pilots saved a lot of dirty souls Saturday night.


The Midwest duo played a sold out show for over seven thousand of their fans. I have never seen a line into an event like I had Saturday night. The line wrapped in, out, and around the lines of cars surrounding the venue. The crowd was a sea of red knit hats and masked faces supporting the band.

Finish Ticket, a six-man band from California, opened up the night. The band is new to touring and has just released their newest EP, “Night Becomes Day,” this month. Their alternative rock sound was catchy and easy to dance to. Effortlessly, they elevated the mass of people by mentioning Twenty One Pilots several times and how thankful they are to have the opportunity to assist on the tour. As an opener, they definitely delivered.

After Finish Ticket concluded, that crowd murmured and chanted “T.O.P” over and over for a solid thirty minutes. Every time the security would step onto the stage to set up, undress the drums, or test the lights – the crowd would scream wildly. The stamina from the mob of fans was a given that the night would be one to remember.

21p3Alas, a microphone suspended from above slowly comes down, out comes the pair, faces partially hidden by masks, through a smoky haze and flashing red and white lights. They released “Blurryface” this past May and it quickly took the top of the Billboard 200 chart. It’s no guess as to why they titled their tour after the album. They opened their set with hit ‘Heavydirtysoul’ off of this album, kicking off the night with an energetic start. Without missing a beat, they seared into ‘Stressed Out,’ another hit off of the most recent record. They ended the tune by slowing it down and going a capella. The set included hits like “Car Radio,” “Polarize,” and “Tear in My Heart.”


Vocalist and pianist, Tyler Joseph’s words always express emotions that fans feel warmth and amenity in. This band is one that is definitely known for their stage presence. The amount of drama and energy is intense. The way that Joseph and drummer Josh Dun vibe off of each other is indescribable. When they are performing together everything is timed efficiently, performed powerfully, and full of life. Their setlist was a complete homage to their fans. There wasn’t a single tune that wasn’t belted word for word by the sold out crowd.


Their performance was showy and operatic, but the connection they have with their fans is completely shown with their theatrics. A few theatricals include backflips and dancing on pianos, climbing to the highest of heights, and dancing with a partner on your shoulders in the pit. During ‘Ride,’ Dun played his drums while being wholly supported by the crowd atop thin wooden platforms. They ended the night by doing an encore to their signature final, “Trees.” Their goodbye was heartfelt and spirited as they again stood with the support of their fans and beat on drums while the pit was peppered in the beauty of red and white confetti.


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