Album Review: Anna Burch launches solo career with Quit the Curse

Quit the Curse – February 2, 2018

Review by: Wade Panizzoli

Local indie-rock artist and Michigan native, Anna Burch decided to start her solo career after departing from her old band, Frontier Ruckus. She ended up making one of the best records that will be released in 2018. “Quit the Curse” was highly recommended to me by a few friends and listening to it was one of the best I have made in a long time. “2 Cool 2 Care,” the first track, opens with a distinctive guitar riff that will automatically be coded in your brain. Very noticeable and confirmed by Anna Burch, the video for this song was shot in both parts of Detroit and Waterford. The first few tracks on this record have the more rocking vibe including “2 Cool 2 Care,” “Tea-Soaked Letter” and “Asking 4 a Friend.” The next couple tracks have a more ballad style in “Quit the Curse” and especially “Belle Isle.” “Belle Isle” was written as a love song, so with the addition of the ballad style, the nail hits the head on this track. This album includes a track for every feeling a listener may have. The vibes are all there from happy, dark, love, sad, and everything in between. “What I Want” is a crowd pleaser based on personal experience. As soon as the walking guitar and bassline lead up to the chorus it’s almost impossible not to turn to your friends and sing “I won’t play the victim, just because I can’t get what I want.” The record comes to an end with “With You Every Day.” Some may find it corny to end the record with a track that has a repetitive faded outro, but this is, in fact, the perfect way to end this record. Of course, the last song has to be a love song as well. The listener may feel ripped off that they’re only getting nine tracks on a full-length LP, but the tracks are so strong that the record left no room for complaints. Even though this record was released in February, it will be an album you’ll still want to be listening in the summertime with your car windows rolled all the way down and the wind blowing your hair all around. I’m confident in saying that this record will make my album of the year list way in December. I owe a big thanks to my friends Mat and Luke who introduced me to this record and I’m in high hopes that Detroit will see Anna Burch on the Mopop lineup for the summer of 2018.