Ban on Clowns Lifted

By: Emily Morris

Clowns are allowed back at Oak Park’s “Halloween Boo Bash” after some consideration from the city’s Parks and Recreation. Originally, any clown related costumes were considered to be too “adult” for a children’s event; The city claimed that they received “direct feedback from parents” that were worried their children would related any clown costumes to popular horror movies.

Some movies across the market currently are It, Stitches, or Killjoy (IMDB). All of these movie options happen to be rated R, as well, implying they are meant for adult audiences.

Oak Park’s announcement said, “Many parents…were concerned their children would see clown costumes and relate it to scary movies…”

From their statement it appears that some parents were merely concerned and there had not been any actual frights. The city is now advising that attendees dress with their own discretion, hopefully creating a kid friendly environment where everyone can choose whichever costume they like.

Featured Photo: Syracuse News