blessthefall AT WARPED TOUR

By: Ashley Allison
Phoenix, Arizona rockers, blessthefall, were one of the first bands seen by the warped crowd, playing shortly after noon.

blessthefall at Warped Tour

The band opened their set with the first two tracks of their 2009 album, Witness. The crowd seemed to start off slow but as the heat settled in so did the audience.


Old fans lit up as front man Beau Bokan and screamer, Jared Wrath, began to play old hits such as “Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad” and “I’m Bad News in the Best Way,” off the bands first album.


Bokan went on to showcase his clean vocals in “Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted.” Then there was no sign of turning back. At that point the crowd was louder than Bokan, almost as if they were singing the words to him.

Extra security was even called over in order to handle the tons fans that were crowd surfing in order to catch a closer glimpse of the head-banging band.

The band closed their extremely energetic set with “The Promised Ones,” the first single off the newest album, Awakening.

Before leaving the stage, Bokan told the entire crowd he wanted to meet them at their signing later in the day, and so he did, meeting roughly 300 plus fans.