Brockhampton Taking Over



Majestic Theatre, Detroit 

Review by Michael Moceri

It was around 9:30 p.m. on a Monday at the Majestic Theater in Detroit when the crowd was getting a little bit antsy. Some people were waiting outside in the cold for almost two hours. Some brought tents and blankets and left them outside because they couldn’t bring them inside. The crowd was getting tired of listening to the Goo Goo Dolls and Kid Cudi and wanted to see the boy band Brockhampton. Then a few minutes later one of Brockhampton members Ameer Vann came out fully dressed in winter gear and covering his face with a white cloth and began to take them off to a t-shirt and an orange jumpsuit. It was almost like he was saying that it was time to come out from the cold and time to boogie.

Brockhampton took the stage and the crowd erupted and rushed to the stage. All of them jumping up and down, waving their hands in the air and singing the song word for word. A mosh pit formed instantly with the first note of the song. This wasn’t just for the first song of the show, the crowd acted like this for the whole entire show. Song after song from the first notes of “Boogie” to the very end of the set with Brockhampton playing “Star” about five times straight and the crowd was unrelenting. It was impressive how Brockhampton could have kept that level of energy for almost two hours. Even when the band was taking a break on stage by sitting on furniture on the stage and doing a Q and A with one of the producers of the group Jabari Manwa and the singer of the group Bearface was singing two of the slower songs of the groups “Summer” and “Waste” which he sang with powerful emotional vocals and played a beautiful guitar solo which still kept the crowd at a high energy.

This show was the second sold-out show during a two-night stay at the Majestic and part of the forty-three show tour called the Love Your Parents Tour, which is going wildly successful with the whole tour almost being sold out. This is a lot to say from a group of guys who came together using a Kanye West group chat forum and making songs in a house they rented in Los Angeles. With the success of this show and the group popularity growing, it is safe to say that Brockhampton is taking over.