Bussing into a New Technology Age

By: Emily Morris 

A bus tracking app is changing the schedule for the Waterford School District, especially as winter approaches (WXYZ).  The SafeStop app is designed to selectively allow people to follow the route of bus transit and notify affected students of any delays. SafeStop, which is available on the App Store or Google Play, uses student ID information to show details of the bus schedule, updating every thirty seconds (The Safe Stop App).

Waterford is still just in the trial stages of operating with the new system, but some parents from other school districts have reported unsatisfactory use of the application. As recently as August, some users have posted an anonymous reviews to the App Store deeming SafeStop unreliable, leaving one and two stars out of five. The App Store reports that the overall score of the app thus far is a low one point nine out of five.

The idea, in theory, seems helpful to keep students comfortable and updated, but there may be some bugs to work out still, according to some reviews. Oakland has a similar Bear Bus app that simply keeps a general schedule. As technology advances, perhaps, our system could alter, as well.

Featured Photo: Waterford School District