Cherry Glazer @ El Club – Concert Review

Slow Hollows and Cherry Glazerr at El Club


Detroit, MI

Reviewed by: David Bugg

A large diverse group of people gathered on the streets of Mexican Town, Detroit in anticipation for

Cherry Glazerr and Slow Hollows on Wednesday, January 25th, 2017.


El Club, a fairly new venue in Detroit, was packed with concertgoers ready to enjoy the West-Coast

sound that Cherry Glazerr and Slow Hollows produces.


People waited patiently for the opening act, and while waiting for the opener, many audience members

took the time to point out the paper vaginas that decorated the ceiling above the stage. Time continued

forward and it was about an hour before the opener, Slow Hollows, took the stage.


With deeply woven lyrics and perfect crescendos and decrescendos, Slow Hollows captivated the

audience and gained the approval of the Detroit fan base. Not a huge surprise as Austin Feinstein, the

guitarist and vocalist of the band, has personally worked with Frank Ocean on his latest album.


The vocals resonated with emotion as Feinstein deep voice serenaded the crowd while the

instrumentals contributed to the emotion that the vocals carried with it. The Bass and drums

complemented the set with warm tones and a groovy rhythm.


The room was filled with emotion as Slow Hollows is able to connect with the crowd by relating to

common issues that most of us experience throughout life. In particular, being in a band just out of high

school, most of their material was influenced by the experience of growing up.


In terms of song structure, the transitions between Intro, verse, chorus, interludes and outros were

absolutely flawless. They captured the attention of everyone in the room.


While chatting with the band, they stated that this was is their first tour outside California.


They opened strong with one of their more well-known songs The Art School Kids and continued that

momentum throughout the rest of the set.


They left the stage with a respect and love of Detroit.

It was not long before Cherry Glazerr came out after them and opened with Sip O’ Poison off of their

recently released album “Apocalipstick.” The crowd went wild and cheered relentlessly.


Everyone fell in love with Clementine and the rest of Cherry Glazerr as they danced the night away to

every song that they played. There were points where people would crowd surf and stage dive. Even

members from Slow Hollows join in with the crowd and danced around with everyone.


Clementine would entertain the audience in between songs with cheesy jokes and funny remarks. The

crowd fed their energy to Clementine as she began thrashing around on stage.


Playing her previous hits Trick or Treat Dance Floor and Grilled Cheese allowed for the crowd to relax

and slow dance to the fun and soft grooves that make those tunes popular. While Cherry Glazerr’s more

hard-hitting songs like Had Ten Dollaz riled the crowd.


The drums shook the venue around like it was weightless while the guitars & bass kept the groove going

and inspired people to dance. The Keys added beautiful undertones that added a sense of completeness

to each song.


People begged for Cherry Glazerr to come back on stage for an encore once they exited. After cheering

for roughly five minutes they returned on stage to finish off the night.