WXOU is dedicated to the advancement of educational programming consistent with the missions of Oakland University and in the best interests of the university community. We strive to provide information and entertainment for the members of the community, provide an alternative to commercial radio and the monotony of everyday life, as well as provide a learning experience for the students who work at the station.


  1. I was just wondering how interested WXOU is with helping the community. My wife and I have started a non-profit organization called If It Was Only Fair, and we are working on fighting bullying in schools. What we do is raise money through events and we want to use those funds to help schools that have anti-bullying groups in place, or want to start them. We also will work with these groups and facilitate the groups in a way that these groups may become a success. What I am doing is gauging interest in many media outlets, and since I am on campus today, I figured I would start with WXOU and see if they would be willing to help plug the organization. If you could send me to the person or persons that would be able to give me more information on how we could make this work, I’d be forever grateful! Thanks in advance for your time, keep up the good work!

    Andrew Martin

    1. Hey Maggie! I am listening to your show over the internet. Thank you for playing all the coyote music…. Out here in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, listening to you before I have to get ready for bed and go to work later tonight….Have a great week! All the best, Dave

      1. Hey Dave! I finally found this message on the WXOU website – I’m so glad you liked all the coyote songs. Hope we get out to see you guys this year – it’s 2013 now. Ya never know what fate may hold in store. Hope you’re enjoying a temperate spring. Plant lots of flowers in that pretty little garden nook you have.
        See you down the trail,

  2. I agree with you guys that Fall is a really great time of the year. But one of the best things about Fall is that it’s one step closer to winter. And this winter is going to be a good one.

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