Dave Gullo – Touring Musician


Dave Gullo spent time at WXOU from 1999 to 2002. In 2016, he is a touring musician, a teacher, a web developer, and has a family – who he says have been extremely supportive with his musical endeavors.

While at WXOU, Gullo hosted several shows, including a weekday morning show, and had the honor of serving as General Manager for two years.


“Volunteering your time and talent to college radio is a significant way to contribute to the community. You have a chance to share music, spoken word, radio drama, and so much more to a public that is severely deprived of such diversity. College radio DJs have the duty and honor to expand the public horizon,” said Gullo.

When it comes to favorite memories – Gullo has many.

“I was lucky (ballsy) enough to get (ask for) and interview with Kato Kaelin (who remembers the OJ trial?) Kat was visiting OU on a book tour; he was extremely kind and had no bones about sharing his point of view on a number of subjects, including his old friend on trial,” Gullo shared.

gulloShowA not-so-pleasant, but significant, memory took place on September 11th, 2001.

“I remember racing into the station on 9/11, moments after the first plane hit the World Trade Center. We broadcasted live as events unfolded throughout the day, even after the campus was evacuated.”


Most recently, his music career resulted in an award-winning performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

“I’m currently part of a few amazing musical groups which include the Lightning Bugs and Souleve√©.”

But at WXOU, Gullo played a major part in pieces of the station that remain today.

paperClip2“I’ll always remember the transition period between the old and new studios in the basement of the Oakland Center. We had the station broken out into several “closets” just outside of the construction zone and continued to run a full schedule through our move into the completed studio months later. We went on to successfully petition the building manager to install speakers in the hallway, we coordinated with the newspaper, student council, and the basketball team to expand our community of student involvement, and even hosted several live performances from the station.”