Rich Luzenski – News Talk 760 WJR


“Cinema Serenade” has been on the WXOU airwaves for 10 years… and counting.

10401003_26245179827_671_nGraced with the voice of Rich Luzenski, the show has been running since March 2005. The host served in a variety of roles, including a news anchor, film reviewer, and Public Service Director on the Executive Staff.

Now, he is working as a Board Operator and, on occasion, will voice and edit commercial content for the Production Department at News Talk 760 WJR owned by Cumulus Broadcasting, LLC. Before that, Luzenski worked in the film industry on various commercials, one television show, and two feature films. He worked as a Production Assistant and Extra, before his radio restart in 2011.

images“Take advantage of the many opportunities WXOU has to offer, and to use the station as much as possible in order to hone your craft, perfect your skills, and experiment with the elements of radio that interest you. Savor the memories with the friends you make, and embrace the creative freedoms 88.3 FM allows you that are seldom experienced elsewhere.”


Another unique tradition Luzenski brings to WXOU is his annual recreation broadcast of Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds.”


“Treat the airwaves with dignity, and strive for the highest quality of broadcast you are capable of, and the audience is likely to respond in kind. Keep in mind that this is one of the very few broadcast opportunities you have where you hold control over everything, from your music, show topics, and board execution, and that it is entirely possible to generate excellent programming on a 50 watt station. Don’t let technological limitations hold you back, as your talents will most certainly shine through regardless of the elements that are beyond your control. Embrace the live streaming as much as possible, and take advantage of it through social media with slick and simple show promotion.”

11156348_10153402236263149_851472449356882535_nHear Luzenski celebrate the magic of movies every Wednesday from 2 to 4 p.m. and various different times on WJR.