Steve Wiseman – Lowe Campbell Ewald


If you are active on the internet or social media, chances are you have come across something Steve Wiseman crafted.

Photo by Steve Wiseman/99.5 WYCD.

Photo by Steve Wiseman/99.5 WYCD.

After graduation from Oakland University, Wiseman took over the CBS Radio airwaves part time. Then, he became the full time Webmaster for 99.5 WYCD. But in 2014, Wiseman decided to make a change and become a Community Manager at Lowe Campbell Ewald where he does social media for clients like the U.S. Navy and Federal Student Aid.


During his time at WXOU from 2008 to 2010, Wiseman hosted “Wiseguy in the Morning” on Mondays where he played top 40 music and “made fun of his friends’ sad tweets on air.” Occasionally, Wiseman would collaborate with former General Manager, Erik Anderson on a show called “Turning Up the Bro” when DJs were absent from their time slots.

4591_98613641819_6577749_nWiseman tells students interested in volunteering at WXOU, “Do it. It is a great way to get experience. Radio is one of those fickle businesses where you need experience to get experience. Practice makes perfect. Try out new things at WXOU while you have the chance to make your own changes and mistakes.”

“My favorite memory of the station is when we won the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Station of the Year award my first year. It was a great feeling since MSU had won so many times in a row. And oh those Sparty Tears were delicious.”

Wiseman tells people interested in radio to work hard and ask questions, always. “Radio is a rough, but an enjoyable career path. You will get fired and you will work for free. If it is what you want to do, commit 100%.”