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WXOU Radio is a non-profit free-form radio station. We are licensed under the Board of Trustees of Oakland University. We stream worldwide at Help Southeastern Michigan and worldwide listeners to continue to enjoy WXOU for years to come!

What is WXOU?

WXOU is a non-profit, student operated, free-form community radio station. Currently we are broadcasting with 110 watts of power from the campus of Oakland University. We offer diverse programming such as, music, sports, news, and other student produced programs. Our goal is to supply the community with a service that provides both an educational experience to those involved with the radio station, while also providing information and entertainment o the rest of the community outside of OU’s campus.

What is Underwriting Sponsorships?

Underwriting is a financial consideration that directly supports the broadcast of public radio programs. Underwriters are companies or individuals who want to be identified with a station’s program service and audience.

A public radio station solicits and accepts financial support for its program service in exchange for on-air recognition of the underwriter. This recognition is regulated and strictly monitored by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In exchange for financial support, a radio station is permitted to announce the company’s name and service. This recognition is announced at the beginning or end of the program. Underwriting is a donation to the station and receipted as such by the University. This contribution may be claimed on tax returns – please consult your accountant.

What is a mention?

A mention is a brief description of the company’s product or service. This description is to contain “non qualitative, no-quantitative, value-neutral” language. All underwriting credits must be written in the passive voice and in the third person. Prices are not to be mentioned in the message. Mentions will be aired Monday through Friday. If for any reason campus is closed, announcements will be aired as soon as possible.

Example: “A portion of today’s broadcast has been brought to by Jack’s Tune-Up, for all of your automotive needs.”

What is the cost of the underwriting?

Daily Weekly Monthly Semester*
$8 per mention $40 one week
one mention per day
$150 one month
one mention per day
$600 per semester
two mentions per day

* There are 3 semesters per year:
1) Fall: September-December
2) Winter: January-April
3) Spring & Summer: May-August

Trade services are also negotiable in lieu of monetary gifts.


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  1. Hello Mr. Jason my name is Mrs. Edith Seals I am wanting information about broadcasting an hour of Christian preaching. Need cost, is it AM, time slot and so on. I hope you can help or put me in the right direction.

    Thank Edith Seals

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