CVS Embraces Beauty Marks

Tuesday, January 29th By: Emily Morris

No amount of makeup will ever make the average woman look like models because most of the models cannot look like the models. This is the reality of countless makeup advertisements: Covergirl, Neutrogena, and Revlon. However, CVS stores across the nation are now owning every beauty mark their makeup line presents. Beginning a year ago, CVS announced a campaign to eliminate retouching and photoshop on all photos of models representing brands in their stores called Beauty Mark.

Beauty Mark has eliminated seventy percent of retouched photos from stores and online. This allows the consumer to have a more accurate understanding of each product’s ability. Every remaining photoshopped advertisement, additionally, is labeled as such to ensure there is not confusion when shopping (Today). Hence, a shopper can see for themselves if a mascara has ‘ultra length’ or if a lip gloss really ‘plumps’.

Maly Bernstein, vice president for beauty and personal care at CVS, said, “What was inspiring was that, because customers were already talking about their desire for authenticity and transparency, this was a movement that was happening… and CVS Health and our brand partners listened to our customers.”

Although CVS has not reached their goal yet, they project all their beauty products will have honest representations by 2020. Bernstein explained to Today that although customers prefer authenticity, some of major brands have been reluctant. The Beauty Mark Campaign has been the most daunting for Covergirl, Neutrogena, and Revlon. The competitive beauty industry leaves little room for imperfections of any brands, even if that means sacrificing honest representations of their products.

One blend at a time, some companies are trying to band together and offer a product that is exactly what it looks like in photos. Photoshop is a convenient technology, but arguably an unfair competitive tool for the beauty industry. CVS has decided that honesty is the most effective beauty tactic.

Featured Photo: Today