“Fashion Statements”

Nothing was left to the imagination when Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren presented their 2019 fashion line in Paris; each frill clad gown was adorned with a bold statement. Accordingly, they entitled the line ‘Fashion Statements’. Their collections enlisted a variety of 18 dresses that speak on their own.

Chrissy Callahan, a reporter from Today said, “The sassy Spring/Summer 2019 collection certainly gives new meaning to the phrase ‘wear your heart on your sleeve,’ and features a slew of meme-worthy poofy tulle gowns.”

The Viktor and Rolf brand is notorious for offering a “monotone” style that allows the viewer to create their own meaning (Vogue). One interpretation included that the witty sayings were in response to society’s questions: how will we conquer global warming; who holds economic power; how will equality be ensured(Vogue)?

Viktor and Rolf said, “To what extent can you say something with clothing, literally.”