How Charlie Tortorici became OU’s newst compliance coordinator


Story by News Correspondent Sadie Layher

Law is an important part of the University, the coaches, and the players. Charlie Tortorici is Oakland University’s new compliance coordinator and has been working with Mari Rakijas for the past two weeks to become acclimated to his new position.

This will be Charlie Tortorici’s first time working for a Division I compliance team. Most of his daily duties include digitizing files they have from previous seasons so it is easier to find information especially if NCAA comes knocking.

He went back to university, Marquette University Law School and graduated earlier this year. Prior to Oakland University, Tortorici was at Wisconsin-Parkside, a Division II school.

“I always knew I wanted to get into sports in one form or another,” says Tortorici. He was not aware of the sports compliance field until he went to Marquette University.

While looking to fill the position, Mari Rakijas needed someone who was passionate and truly cared despite this being like an “entry-level” position.

Rakijas states, “This is what he wanted to do. He was knowledgeable about it and it was something he was committed to.”

During education sessions for coaches, Rakijas makes sure that they are not boring for her audience. She enjoys using memes during her presentations so it is a fun and enjoyable learning experience. The compliance team wants to create an atmosphere of casualness and approachableness so coaches feel comfortable asking questions and coming to report different issues.

Rakijas talks about “how much the student body means…when the students show up to games screaming and chanting supports not only the athletes but also us.”

Listen to the full interview below: