Interview with Chief Operating Officer Scott Kunselman


Interview by: News Director Erin Ben-Moche

Chief Operating Officer Scott Kunselman spoke to News Director Erin Ben-Moche to talk about the three large enhancement projects that are taking place on campus.

The first project taking place soon on campus is the new parking expansion that will start in May. This will add 660 parking spaces to OU’s campus along with a roundabout to help with the flow of traffic. The second expansion is the new 220,000 square foot dorm on south campus- near Varner and Pawley Hall- which features a 750-bed student housing facility and 600-seat dining hall. The third expansion happening at OU is the Oakland Center. The 60,000-sqaure-foot expansion will add to the additional 140,000-square-foot student union.

To hear Kunselman talk more about the advancements on campus, listen to the full interview.