King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard “I’m In Your Mind Fuzz” Album Review

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

I’m In Your Mind Fuzz

By: William Georges


King Lizard and the Gizzar…errr Wizard and The Lizard’s Gizard? KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD! This psychedelic rock outfit hails from Victoria, Australia. This band, whose name sounds like a strain of some bad drug, is relatively new to most people’s ears despite having a 5 album discography. Two of these five albums were released in 2014, the latter being I’m In Your Mind Fuzz. king gizzard cover

The album starts out with three songs that display incredible continuity (“I’m In Your Mind,” “I’m Not In Your Mind,” “Cellophane”). If you didn’t pay attention to the track list, you probably wouldn’t think the songs changed to the next. The first track opens up with fast-paced snare drumming backed by a forward guitar melody and a fast-paced, bouncy bass guitar. Towards the end of the opening track these eerie warped, noises that sound like they were taken from an old episode of Scooby Doo accompany the extremely lush sound of a harmonica. Not only do these tracks achieve beautiful continuity, extremely rich instrumental composition and a driving force of forward paced rhythm, they are seasoned with the lead singer’s drug addled vocals, whose voice bubbles just above the surface of coherency for the audience.

The album breaks its momentum on the track “Empty”, with its hypnotic and looped instrumental, sounding like a mashup of crunchy low-fi guitar, flute, and organ. When you think you’ve been surprised enough by not only the creativity of the instruments and licks, the flute-led song “Hot Water” ushers in a soothing landscape with the lead singer injecting his voice into whispers all over the track.

Finishing up the album are the tracks “Satan Speeds Up” and “Her & I (Slow Jam II).” By its title you might think “Satan Speeds Up” is a sign that the band might be taking itself a tad serious, thankfully KG&TLW fools you. Though the melody on this song hits its darkest and bluesy-ist and the lyrics existential “Every life is like a song that takes forever to be sung” and accusing Satan of spreading slander to loved ones behind his back, the content feels inherently good-willed through conveying the genuine aimlessness and sorrow of a young adult. “Her & I (Slow Jam II)” closes the album with a creamy Latin Jazz sound with spurts of dwindling, spiraling noises that rain down on the track over lyrics like, “Her will will shine, from up above/ fill her heart with a lot of love, so the sun can shine a little brighter on her and I.”

Much of this album can be easily overlooked the first few times through with its distracting and awesome composition of instruments that flood the entirety of the work. What makes this album shine a little brighter are the smaller details that come along with multiple listens

With some of the boldest and most invigorating sounds psychedelic rock has heard since Merriweather Post Pavillion, I’m In Your Mind Fuzz stands triumphantly among sitting peers.


Start with: “Cellophane”, “Hot Water”, “Her & I (Slow Jam II)”

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