Making the First Call

By: Dakota Brecht

    Hey guys, it’s your Sports Director at 88.3 FM WXOU. My name is Dakota Brecht and I just recently took on the position of Sports Director last spring. I’m going to go into detail a little bit about myself and this new sports column before we start.

My hometown is Capac MI, a small little town up in the thumb. I was born and raised there and Capac will always be home to me. I grew up on a small farm with a couple horses and enough chickens to make sure we had plenty of eggs to go around. Ever since I was a little kid, I always had this dream of becoming a sports broadcaster. I used to sit on my kitchen floor, listen to Dan Dickerson and Jim Price call every Tigers game night after night and just picture myself in there shoes someday.

    Now, going into my sophomore year of college, I feel like I am on track to achieve that goal that my younger self always dreamed about. Halfway through last basketball season, I took on the role of play by play broadcaster for WXOU. I had the opportunity to call basketball games from places like Calihan Hall, Little Caesar’s Arena and of course, the iconic blacktop of the O’rena. I will continue to call all Oakland athletics for 88.3 and I can’t wait to see what this year holds for myself and everyone at WXOU.

    Let’s get into what this column is all about. To start the year, I wanted to continue writing about Oakland athletics but in a less serious way. There will always be a need for serious news and reporting and you will still see that at WXOU. This is just an additional way for me to get my own uncensored real thoughts out.

    With fall sports underway, we will be going into our busy season on campus for Golden Grizzly athletics. WXOU will be covering every sport on campus, all of the scores, highlights and athlete standouts can be found on this column!

    We’re gonna keep this edition short and sweet but make sure to come back every Friday to catch all the action!