‘Maze Runner: The Death Cure:’ Maybe just wait until the DVD release


by Bailey Ernst

Inching quietly to my seat, I hunched down and began munching on the sweet, sweet bliss of theatre popcorn. I knew the premise of, “The Maze Runner.” I knew it was a futuristic dystopian story, filled with boyish glee and a coming-of-age spice. The book has always been on my to-read list, dropping lower and lower to the bottom as more books are added (sorry). So, anyways. The movie.

“Maze Runner: The Death Cure,” is incredibly stand-alone. The whole plot is centered on finding Minho (Ki Hong Lee), a teen who was captured for experimentation by a mega-radical and capitalistically driven science lab…company…business (I wasn’t entirely sure), searching for a cure to the disease that is turning everyone into grubby zombies. In order to find a cure, they must find those who are immune to the disease and test their blood.

The chair-gripping moments between the zombies and the kids fighting their way to stop the inhumane testing of children were the best. They created an excellent dynamic between the city cut off from the diseased world and the outsiders behind the pristine disease-free walls. In addition, the character development was superb. I felt connected to each character and their struggles to survive and help their families.

Those were the golden tokens of the movie; here are the not-so-golden ones:

The only actor I felt who could carry a line was the main character, Thomas, played by Dylan O’Brien He obviously has the chops to be a leading man and out-performed the whole cast. With a bulkier and juicier, more well-written script, O’Brien would have been at his greatest (I’ve seen him in “Teen Wolf,” all I can say is…wow.)

The words spewed out by the actors seemed to repeat and the scenes felt predictable, slow and in need of more oompf. I found myself rolling my eyes due to the impractical and foreseeable stunts and words that went along with them.

As I rose out of my seat, brushing the popcorn crumbs off of my sweater, I heard a pre-teen girl behind me proclaim, “I loved it!” She was an obvious fan of the series and was super excited to be there. This gave me a thought. If you, reading this, are in love with “The Maze Runner,” and its story, you will enjoy this movie. Just maybe wait until the DVD release. Or, go and see it to munch on the greatness that is movie theater popcorn. That, on its own, is worth the trip.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure is now playing in theaters.