Nikki Yanofsky “Little Secrets” Album Review

Nikki Yanofsky

Little Secrets

By: Erin Ben-Moche (@ebenmoche)


Nikki Yanofsky’s album, Little Secret should not be a secret to the public.  This twelve track album includes fantastic vocals and big band jazzy tones. Yanofky is only 20 years old and she resembles Christina Aguilera and Amy Winehouse perfectly. Yanofsky has killer soul and a mature sound for her age. If you love vocal jazz you will want to see what she has to offer. Nikki Yanofsky

Nikki Yanofsky’s recent album shows off how far she has come singing for the music industry. Born in Montreal, Quebec, Yanofsky has been singing since she could talk. She performed for the Winter Olympics in 2010 and has made many appearances for TV Jazz specials. By the age of 18, she won the award for “Favorite Jazz Vocalist” at the Canadian Independent Music Awards, the “Allen Slaight Award” for the Canadian Walk of Fame, and “Best Female Vocalist” at the WAVE Smooth Jazz Awards. She has covered The Beatles and Ella Fitzgerald as well as written and recorded her own jazz pieces. She is well acquainted with jazz music from working with composer and violinist Phil Ramone, and legends Quincy Jones Etta James, and Stevie Wonder.

Little Secret  was released October 7, 2014, containing jazzy, soulful, and bluesy songs. She scats throughout the album and is so articulate; anyone can tell that she is a pro. The best part about her music is that you can feel her passion in every song. She adds dynamics and stress in a way that is different than other current young female singers.

Little Secret album opens with “Something New” which has a groovy sound. It is no coincidence that the hidden melody is the Austin Powers theme song. This song is upbeat and shows off her vocal range. Another great piece is “Jeepers Creepers 2.0” which has a 1940’s flair to it. It opens with a muted trumpet then follows with a head-nodding tempo. Yanofsky shows of her flirty side talking about the eyes of her admirer. She slows it down later in “You Mean the World to Me” which is a sweet ballad that can only be described as a song someone dances to in a big ballroom movie sequence. Other songs include “Out of Nowhere,” “Knock Knock,” and “Little Secret.”

This album is smooth sounding and easy to listen to. Yanofsky shakes things up by mixing fast and slow paces as well as showing off her belting and scatting. She is so talented and will only become more popular once she performs in America. “Little Secret” is a great album and listeners should check her out!


4.5/5 little secrets