Oakland Center’s Unveiling

Tuesday, October 30          By: Emily Morris


Featured Photo: Oakland University News

The heart of Oakland is finally complete! The renovated Oakland Center was home to a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate all the new additions it brings to the university last Friday. Leaders and students alike gathered to appreciate what we have been waiting for since Spring of 2017.


The Oakland Center has precariously remained an active building throughout its lengthy construction, as well: hosting meetings, the Oakland Post, restaurants, and, our very own, WXOU college radio station. Now the hallways have began to fill again with new rooms, furniture, and dining. Aside from service related additions—offices, kitchen area, and meeting rooms—areas for students to socialize and study have multiplied. The Oakland Center is home to several living room style areas complete with fireplaces, new dining space in the food court, group study rooms, and an impressive stage, also known as the Habitat.


Innovations have compiled a cost of $46 million dollars to create Oakland’s new palace. OU’s budget did accommodate for the expansion of roughly 60,000 square feet of new area in the Oakland Center. With an astounding 1.7 million visitors entering the building each year, this was a renovation students have leaned towards since OU’s student population is growing (Oakland University News).  


Each thoughtful construction has impacted the cohesiveness of OU. The Oakland Center appears to remain as a innovative hub and a time capsule. Although there are many new aspects, the building also incorporates photos of current and past students, favorite past construction designs, and a statue of Matilda Dodge Wilson, our founder.