Story by news director Erin Ben-Moche


If students learned one thing from Monday’s “Ask Ora” panel, it’s that she is on it.

Students, faculty and staff huddled inside the Oakland Center Gold rooms to ask President Ora Pescovitz and Chief Diversity Officer, Glenn McIntosh questions that were on their minds. Topics included tuition, grading scales and mental health.

“I said that one of the things that were most important of all, for me, was to spend time with the students and I meant it,” Pescovitz said. “I think you believe me when I said it and this is our first open forum and I hope you know that I am really really excited to be here.”

The teamwork between Pescotvitz and McIntosh was strong popcorning each other in when the other lacked an answer. Pescovitz, who is nearing her third month at Oakland, made it clear that she was here to listen, take note, and gain more information so she can make a difference on campus. Both Pescovitz and McIntosh talked about policies on campus and defended the need for administration in order for students to be successful.

When asked about cutting administrative costs, she defended it by stating the administration is the basement of the university and if it falls, the university won’t stand tall. She did, however, mention that OU is efficient and effective with it’s 300 million dollar budget and will continue to “work harder with a lot less.”

Pescovitz also showed she wasn’t only interested in learning about policy. When students began to ask questions she made sure they told her their name, year in school and major so she can get to know them better. She stressed that this is just one of many conversations that will take place. If you missed this one, there will be more to come.

Here are a few highlights from the event.