Fresh Finds 04/12/22

Here's all our favorite tracks released this week compiled into one neat little playlist just for you! (No need to thank us)

Our Favorites:

Supermarket | Wet Leg

Off of Wet Leg's highly anticipated self-titled album, Supermarket is a fun and playful indie teen anthem which is bound to be played all summer. Wet Leg has grown a lot of hype in anticipation for this new album, and it totally is deserved. With witty lyrics and a simple but catchy guitar tune combined with the crowd vocals which sound like they were ripped straight from a party, this track is hard not to enjoy.

Neck & Wrist | Pusha T, featuring JAY-Z & Pharrell Williams

Neck and Wrist is newest single off of Pusha T's fourth solo album, It's Always Dry, featuring classic production and vocals from Pharrell and one of the strongest features in recent years from JAY-Z. The chemistry between the three on this track alone is worth the listen. After Diet Coke, and his recent collaboration with Arby's (yes, that Arby's), Push is on a roll and doesn't show signs of stopping any time soon...

Out Loud | Syd, featuring Kehlani

Off of Syd's new project, Broken Hearts Club, Out Loud is a heavenly, smooth R&B track with a nice groove to it and beautiful vocals to match. The vocals of both Syd and Kehlani are put at the forefront throughout the track, and for good reason. Although the instrumental is mostly stripped-down, it is perfect in the way it highlights the two vocalists, culminating in a great song.

Kiss Me (I Loved You) | Father John Misty

Off of the new Father John Misty record Chloe and the 21st Century, Kiss Me (I Loved You) is a jazzy, melancholic piano ballad which caught our ears. The album calls back to the styles of the 50s and 60s, while also injecting some of Father John Misty's trademark wit and heart. The track itself is very theatrical, reminiscent of a golden age musical or old movie soundtrack with its subtle strings and nostalgic chords.

Fight Night | Brunette

Off of the new self-titled EP from Brunette, Fight Night is a heavy, but intimate indie rock track with introspective lyrics about the struggle between anxiety and apathy. Brunette has a very nostalgic sound, full of fantastic layered guitars and light self-reflective vocals. Fight Night feels like the song a character in a movie would hear on the radio when driving home at night after a big fight. Check it out.

The Rest of Our Picks:

  • mathematics - bbno$

  • Unpeopled Space - Daniel Rossen

  • Crazy - Doechii

  • On God (featKayCyy) - Fivio Foreign

  • I Don't Wanna Reminisce - Homeschool


  • Bad Life (feat. Kali Uchis) - Omar Apollo

  • rx - ROLE MODEL

  • Turn It On! - Romero

  • Soccer Dad - ScHoolboy Q

  • April Baby Summer Salt

  • Treat Me - Chloe

  • THE BLUES - Vince Staples

Check out the full playlist below, and check back next week for more of our picks!