Private Room Tour

By: Wade Panizzoli 

Releasing a new 7” only a few weeks back, Counterparts embarked on the “Private Room” tour in support of this b-side EP; Detroit being only 6th date of this month-long tour. Upon entering the Shelter in Detroit, it was clear that this room was not private. Counterparts brought a diverse lineup with them which was going to bring many flavors for many musical tastes throughout the night.

    With the room filling up only an hour after the door time, Philadelphia beat-downers Varials hit the stage. Without a song even starting yet, moshers made their way to the pit area and started swinging and flailing their arms to the sound of the guitar’s feedback. The set consisted of what seemed like only breakdowns in which the crowd was getting to release all their energy early in the night.

    Following, the crowd had 35 minutes to catch their breath during “Have Mercy”‘ s set. “Have Mercy” brought a warm, angsty, emo style which made the audience become one with their emotions. I didn’t even know any of their lyrics and the songs made me feel like I had to cry. I wish I did know the lyrics to their songs, as the crowd seemed to really connect with the band as they shouted the lyrics back to the band on stage.

    Next up was the direct support, “Being As An Ocean”. Formed in 2011, “Being As An Ocean” has gone through many member changes, which is a factor in their evolution of their sound. Originally started as a post-hardcore band, “Being As An Ocean” has had more pop and electronic influences in their sound as of late. Being almost an entire new band, they brought the same intensity that they did back in 2013 (when I was aware of them). Throughout half the set, lead vocalist Joel Quartuccio spent that time singing in the pit area with the crowd. This comes to no surprise if anyone is aware of this band, as this is a staple in their set. Fans can appreciate the crowd-interaction that “Being As An Ocean” brings that makes the night one to remember.

    The lights went out and the Canadian-metalcore/hardcore act filed to the stage to Adam Sandler’s “Kill Me Please.” Even though Counterparts are a band with brutal screams, and punchy, but melodic riffs, the comedic effect they bring fills the room with smiles. Counterparts opened their set with their new single, “Monument”, which yells “put a f**king bullet in my head”, which is indeed an ode to the Adam Sandler track that played over the house monitors before the set. With lyrics with such harshness and violence, it was odd smiling after the song; I was just way too excited to be seeing one of my favorite live bands. Having prior knowledge of what to expect, the set was full of stage-diving and moshing to hits old and new including “No Servant of Mine”, “Ghost”, “Swim Beneath My Skin”, and crowd-favorite “The Disconnect.” The crowd felt anything besides being disconnected during Counterparts 45-minute set, as we were all as close as we could get to the stage of this 250-capacity venue. Counterparts claimed that “the Disconnect” was their last song, but before the crowd even had a chance to chant “one more song”, Counterparts was already back on stage gearing up to play their tearjerker of an encore: “You’re Not You Anymore.” This is the final and title track of their 2017 LP which was a total shock to hear, as goosebumps were felt throughout the entire 3 minutes and 58 seconds of this encore.

    Counterparts is on the “Private Room” tour until October 21.

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