Snyder Trusts Oakland’s Trustees

By: Emily Morris

Oakland University will be introducing a couple new faces to our Board of Trustees, Brian Calley and Dennis Muchmore, courtesy of Governor Rick Snyder.

Our Board of Trustees serves a pivotal role in the life of OU. Appointed every 8 years by our governor, each new member is meant to bring a fresh perspective to the table in overall supervision of the campus, direction of tuition dollars, and appointment of the university’s president, the Board’s secretary, and treasurer (Oakland University).

Calley has a long line of achievements that have prepared him for this appointment. His interest in administration began with a Bachelor degree in business administration from Michigan State University, a Master degree in business administration from Grand Valley State University, and a master degree in public administration from Harvard. Since 2010, he has served as the governor’s right hand man, the lieutenant governor, and the president of the Senate. These were not his first take at politics though; Calley has also been a Board of Commissioner member and State Representative (Oakland University News).  
Unlike Calley, this is not Muchmore’s first shot at holding a position at Oakland; he was a member of the Board from 2002 to 2004, as well. Before that, he centered his energy around a Bachelor of Theatre Arts and English from Eastern Illinois University and a Master Degree in public administration from Michigan State University. Muchmore, similarly, has worked alongside governor Snyder as Chief of the Executive Office. Michigan Chamber of Commerce was also a stepping stone for Muchmore (Oakland University News).  

Featured Photo: Oakland University