The Thickest Oreo Yet: Most Stuf Cookie

Sunday, January 20 By: Emily Morris

    If double stuffed just was not enough the Oreo Company has a creamy solution: the Most Stuf Cookie. Released to several staple cities nationwide, the newest addition to the Oreo family offers triple the creamy filling the classic Oreo cookie contains. The permanence of this sweet snack is still up in the air, but once they available to more consumers, the public will determine the necessity of a triple stuffed Oreo, according to Today.

Most Stuf Cookies will not bode well for any New Year’s healthy living resolutions as one new cookie equates to roughly 3 of the original Oreos.  The classic Oreo lists a 3 cookie serving size—one hundred sixty calories. One Most Stuf Oreo takes the calorie count up to one hundred ten. With the rich frosting favor, perhaps one cookie is satisfying enough (Delish).   

This is not the first time Oreo has evolved the cookie into other favors and appearances. In the past, Oreos have had seasonal, celebratory and just plain inventive tastes. Red Velvet, Mint, Strawberry Shortcake, Cherry Cola and Apple Pie have all be amongst their ventures. Recently, there was even a Mickey Mouse themed cookie to celebrate his ninetieth birthday, adorning a iconic birthday cake flavor with sprinkles. Oreo has created almost thirty different cookie tastes, according to Thrillist. Hence, simply adding a bit more frosting debatably is not their most exotic new cookie (Amazon).

Since the Most Stuf Cookie has begun adorning grocery store shelves, customers now have five frosting amount options when shopping for Oreos. Clearly, the Oreo Company means to please everyone and consistently has more sweet tricks up their sleeves. All in all, if the calorie count does not scare you away, the rich Most Stuf Oreo may be here to stay.

Featured Photo: Today