Turnover Spring Tour Review

Tuesday, May 7

By: Wade Panizzoli

After a three month waiting period it was finally here: the Detroit stop of Turnover and Turnstile’s spring tour. These are two of my current favorite bands. Despite their noticeably different genres, fans of these bands shouldn’t have been too caught off guard when this tour was announced, as both bands are fans of multi-genre tours and are friends.
After a 45-minute commute to Detroit, my friends and I arrived to the renovative Majestic Theater, home of Turnover’s spring tour for the evening. Showing up nearly 30 minutes after doors allowed us to enter the venue without idle time. Upon entry, we were casted with dimmed lights that set the mood for what would be Reptaliens gazey set.
Yes, Reptaliens (not to be confused with the animal style reptilians), opened the show with 30 minutes of entertaining indie-rock. Not only did they provide music but also a show, as one of the members entered and exited the stage playing various instruments in various outfits, including wearing an alien mask and a dinosaur mask. Majority of Reptaliens set included tracks from their newly-released album, “VALIS”.
Up next would be a band whom almost everyone at the show would be familiar with, and that band was Turnstile. Turnstile have branded themselves as the happy hardcore band, especially with 2015’s release of the massive “Nonstop Feeling”. This set was composed of bouncy guitar riffs and operatic vocal styles that fans know and love. This set marked my fifth time seeing Turnstile and the first time seeing them with a barricade. Turnstile interacted with the crowd as much as the barricade would let them. They performed very well, but I found some energy missing in their set as they were separated from the crowd by the barricade. The crowd still went off but having seen Turnstile play without a barricade multiple times, it needs to be that way.
After a rambunctious 12 song 25-minute set, fans were ready to cool off to the indie-rockers we all came here for: Turnover. The quartet hailing from Virginia Beach has seen much success since their release of 2015’s “Peripheral Vision”. I absolutely fell in love with this album within the first listen and have seen them every time they have stopped in Detroit since. Being my seventh time seeing Turnover, their set including hits like: “New Scream”, “Dizzy on the Comedown”, “Super Natural” and “Hello Euphoria”. Five songs in, my heart nearly stopped as I hear the first strum of the fuzzy chord; Turnover was about to play “Take My Head”, their highly-energetic jammer. I was already enjoying myself during this set, but when that song played, I was full-blown smiling. Of course, I wasn’t the only one who was feeling this way, as the whole room of concert-goers were singing and dancing to these songs. As Turnover blessed the fans with a new, jazzy song and continued to play songs from their existing catalog, vocalist Austin Getz thanked Detroit for always being there, and followed up with stating that “we’ll be back with new music in the fall.”
Turnover is wrapping up their spring tour with Turnstile and Reptaliens on May 12th in Baltimore, MD.

Featured Photo: Dot to Dot Festival Facebook Page